Python Web Scraping Internship
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Python Web Scraping Internship

Banao Technologies

job event Remote Work
job 6 Months
job ₹ 250 per task (Approximately: 2.5K/month)

Performance based stipend

This is a performance based internship. Per task you will earn ₹250 and anticipated income will be ₹2.5K per month(based on your performance).

job Internship

Company Description:
Banao ( is a renowned web and mobile app development company & the best IT Software Solutions provider based in Bangalore and Noida (Chandigarh), India & Cambridge, UK, established in 2013. We have a team of 45 designers and developers, with an additional 150 gig marketeers. The team has expertise in almost all technologies such as Web Development, Android applications, Hybrid Platform Applications, eCommerce portals, and many more. We have a large number of happy customers and have worked on various different projects.
Job Description:
1. Experienced in Python, with knowledge of Scrapy framework
2. Maintaining the running web crawlers full stack application
3. Design, build web crawlers to scrape data and URLs.
4. Integrate the data crawled and scraped into our databases
5. Create more/better ways to crawl relevant information
6. Strong knowledge of web technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript, XPath, Regex)
7. Understanding of data privacy policies (esp. GDPR) and personally identifiable information
Salary/ Stipend Details: 2500 to 5000 INR
Perks: Certificate, Flexible work hours

Required Skills
  • Python
  • JSON
  • SQL
  • GIT
  • Javascript


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